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Are you living the life you really want? Are you aware that you have all capacities and potential to achieve whatever you want?

John Maxwell said: “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”.  I started to learn what is the leadership is 25 years ago. Working with people all around the globe I could identify 4 highest life priorities.

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 I became a top achiever and a top earner supporting thousands of people to create a successful business  Are you looking for solution to UPGRADE your life and LIVE your life with full potential?

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You are ONE STEP only from completely different life! 

Asking your self how I can support and why to join? Please, find below some testimonials of team members and partners: 

I am very happy and grateful to work with Aline Banon. She is very inspiring woman. She is also the leadership expert. Every day Aline is supporting people to grow and improve there life. If you want to change your life and have and upgrade your lifestyle I recommend you to join Aline’s team.
— Muriel Lempereur-Brulmans, Belgium
Aline transmet très bien, dans le coaching, l’énergie positive qui vous soutient dans la croyance que oui, c’est possible … Merci de m’aider à persévérer jusqu’à la réussite!
— Dr. Amina Kemiche, France
Aline est une réelle leader expérimentée. Avec elle, je bénéficie d’un support infaillible. Elle m’élève et me fait grandir naturellement en m’amenant à avancer étape par étape. Elle me respecte. Elle est dotée de véritables qualités pédagogiques. Je l’apprécie pour sa positive attitude et sa force de caractère. Je suis reconnaissante de pouvoir travailler à ses cotés. Elle m’ouvre des portes que je n’imaginais même pas! Le leadership au féminin a en nom: il s’appelle Aline Banon
— Nadège Bertin, France
People that you are surrounded with are making the difference in your life. Aline Banon is my business partner and a person with lot of professional and life experience. She is always inspiring me with her example and is appreciated by thousands of people around the world. Really grateful to have you as a mentor!
— Alina Iacubovchi, Germany

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About Aline

Aline graduated with master degree as a teacher of foreign languages, translator and linguist, and was always passionate about idea of positive movement and support people in achieving these goals. Aline discovered her life purpose working with young generation, creating different programs and trainings to support young people to take active position in life.

Leadership is not a position or a title, it is action and example.
— Cory Booker


With a long history of success in the Leadership industry, Aline has trained and inspired many people to reach for and achieve high levels of success in their lives. Being in the beginning of Leadership movement Aline understood her life purpose in very young age – supporting people developpe these leadership skills and help them achieve the success in the life. 

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Top earner and Achiever

Aline is professional in Network Marketing industry for 20 years. With her husband Alain Banon –  a world leader in network marketing –  they achieved huge success, with top positions in 6 companies, and with over 150,000 partners. Aline was particularly attracted by idea of Natural Health Revolution as a movement for the Health, Wealth, and Happy life! Today Aline is a Top Earner and business leader, guiding people to successful result! 


Speaker and Leadership Expert

Aline is living in France and travelling all over the world, sharing the idea of self-leadership, showing people the way to live happy, healthy and fulfilled lives and becoming completely free and independent. Aline is trilingual and has held and participated in hundreds of conferences encouraging people to take active position, to stand up and choose to make a committed decision to go for the life they want to live!