Here on time

Almaty, beautiful city of Kazakhstan, 300 Km from China, at Himalayan chain of mountains …

I was walking on the street in this very hot summer day, +50 C. Near the local mall I saw a young man giving away a pamphlet of one of famous Swedish cosmetic brand. I started to observe him... He looked very young. And skinny, so skinny that his waistband was turned twice around himself…  He was stopping people, giving away his paper, saying few words, taking contact info... I went straight to him and we started to talk.

His name was Alexander, and not so young as I thought – he was 28 years old. This man had a job, but after it was working on selling cosmetic products, trying to get more customers.

Alexander told me about his life. He was originally from a small “aul” (little villages in Kazakhstan) far from town in a steppe of Kazakhstan. He decided to move to Almaty with his wife and his child... I’ll skip the details on personal tragedy, I’ll only mention that they were orphans, both of them. They had lost all family members and grow up by themselves.

“Why are you doing this business?” -  I asked him.

“I would like to create my own business, I have read some books, I know that people created huge success using this system, I believe that so I can do it as well! I am probably doing a lot of mistakes as since 2 years of this activity I have not earned much ... But I keep believing that one day I can meet a person who can show me how to do it...” – he answered.

My brain started to accelerate! I just couldn’t retain being so enthusiastic of Alexander’s story! Being professional in my business and an entrepreneur since 20 years old, I definitely knew how to support him and show the way to succeed!  He definitely was, as we use to say, “At the right place, on the right time, with right person!”

We went to the nearest café and started talking. I acquainted him with my business and explained, how I can support him and all the differences it will make for him... He called his wife straight away and they decided to join my team, wishing to plan next steps together and to create business strategy. We arranged our meeting the next day at 10am and start to implement a strategy immediately...

You know, I didn’t sleep all night... This couple life story touched me deeply, their courage and determination to succeed was there as well… I was dreaming for them and how great the life is, as it is giving them opportunity, they have deserved it!

Next morning Alexander called me saying that he will be an hour late, which was OK, as I was busy in my office. Finally he showed up with 2 hours delay, explaining that last night he had gone to the football match and hadn’t had time to prepare for our appointment, but tomorrow he will be ready!

But tomorrow it was same words: he was tired after his job, so he wished to move the appointment on next weekend...

But the next weekend... As you can guess, I didn’t hear from Alexander anymore.

This story gave me an incredible life lesson!

Yes, it was right place, yes, it was definitely right time for him... But it is not enough to be in the right place, on the right time, with the right person.  You need to be aware of it. Your daily routine and the lack of believe in yourself will not allow you to be prepared at to take it into consideration.

Opportunity comes to those, who are seeking for it and strongly believe. They have no worries of waiting for the right place and at the right time... The main thing is simply not to let it go from you, when it is here on time.