Funny week and Social Media nightmare !!

I love social media because of the power of people connection! Who could ever imagine 20 years ago that, sitting in your town, country, in any part of the world, you can easily connect with people all around the globe. Connect, right!! This is so powerful! But... why and for what?!


This week was THE WEEK of “Thumbs up”, copypasts and even more 😊 Honestly, adding someone who has send me a friend request and then receiving “thumb up” is so strange way to say “hi” or introduce yourself. Imagine, you meet someone in a party, or meeting and you’ll give to a stranger your visit card, then shake hands (let’s say equivalent on “thumb up” smiley) and then run away.  No “hi”, no any introduction? Would be strange, isn’t it?

But here is even more curiosity: copy past messages, as usually something short to send, when you don't want to think up a new message with the same meaning. Interesting experience this week from one Russian lady, who have sent me “hi” and “my name is” in Russian (looks like it was already big effort), and then after my reply she copy pasted her messages in English about her business deal 😉 Seriously? This is the way to build business? 😊  


But the Palm (as at Cannes festival 😉), the “cherries on the cake” of social connection this week goes to a guy I’ve met few times during past years in business events! This guy who is everywhere and no where – I call this type of people “navigating mass” – people who have intention to make business but never really do, and navigates himself from one project to another like some kind of ship from port to port 😉 So, this guy contacted  me early morning (need to mention that I didn’t hear from him last year at all) and dropped me enthusiastic message: “My dear friend, can we talk? It is VERY VERY urgent! And I really want YOU to be the FIRST to hear this incredible news !!! ” .. OK, this kind of message indicate immediately that “new unique business opportunity “is coming to the market!” Well, I am OK to give few minutes of my time just to stay polite, and say to him let’s talk in afternoon shortly! Here what I hear next! “My dear! I have a premonition dream last night, you will not believe it!! and in this dream you joined me as my new business partner in my new business project!! What you will say?”

Well, what I can say!! It is not the dream, It is nightmare!!!


Am I connecting with people in social media? Yes, of course! But I always take time to check the profile, to see the life of person and his or her interests and send a personal message! Even if it is 2 sentences. People, who are sending back “thumb”, probably don’t know how to talk or don’t know how to write 😉 


This week was very rich and inspiring me even more than ever!! You can’t focus on yourself and your need without being natural giver! Focus on what you can bring, share, communicate, support, provide positive inputs, be curious and create communication, - become the person who can give true value to others!

Give first and don’t worry – you will receive back!

Giving wink to your week 😉


Aline Banon