Strong side of story!


Beautiful morning sunshine. My flower garden brings a lot of joy and my brain flourish by numerous thoughts – today I am thinking about this capacity to judge yourself and easily go to the trap which I call “I am not good enough “.

It is interesting that most of us prefer to say “I am not good.. !!” If they think like this they will feel this discharge from intention to do it – “Not good! End of the story!”

But this is just a beginning! We are all the highest creations and have all capacity and talents inside of us – do we use all of them? Do we develop them? Do we have entire awareness of how good we are and about all what we can do?! Like your brand-new iPhone, are you using all functions of it? Do you know all what this device can do? Personally, I know that I am not and often learning something new … I could probably make my life simpler by reading the instruction first 😉

“I am not good in writing, I am not good in connecting with people, I am not good in math.” – Did you ever try? Try first, then decide to be good on it, you have an instruction already. You can develop any quality by taking decision to become good on it! Be curious and enthusiastic and use your energy like an engine for all achievements ahead!  


If you knew that you are so good and have had it all already, and that’s only up to you to take it, will you? You are good enough – make from it your strong side of your life story!

Give a wink to your week ;) 



Aline Banon