The moment where MAGIC happen...

“I think that I can’t do it right now. That’s fine, I’ll do it later!” or “That’s Ok, if not now, I’ll do it next time!”

A person with absolutely calm expression pronounce something like this and, I can assure you, mostly “the next time” never comes!


Honestly, the moment you are losing focus on what you are doing, the moment when you become to expect nothing, isn’t it what you usually say? I see hundreds of such situations, when people capacity to give up is more powerful when a capacity to continue, as hope to the “next” non-existent moment is stronger that personal believes in power of present moment. One person has set up a goal, then stopped it by simple thought based on fear (put in on “next time”), and now he or she is escaping from the accomplishment and celebration of their success!

Emotions often drive people. When we understand, that we have reached the point of extra effort, we suddenly feel the level of stress grow, our fears come massively - because we don’t have a habit to overcome this point! So, overflowed of emotions, people prefer not to handle with the situation, saying “That’s OK. Next time!”

Once I hear this tiny voice I say to myself: “One minute, what this “next” means? When is this “next”? When this “next” will appear? How will I know that it’s time for this “next” No, next is NOW!”  …

The clarity might be missed, but remember, that there is no “next” moment, because we are living in present, today, and right now! This present moment is unique, the most precious will never come back. You always need to remember it!

All is energy, so all that seems physically big is very small in real. Energy is invisible, but it’s so powerful and always there. Know it, live it and believe it! The moment you give up you close the door for yourself to the moment where MAGIC happens, and the MAGIC happens only for those who believe in it! 

Give a wink to your week,



Aline Banon