Excellence first?


I am naturally a curious person and I love the power of communication! I truly believe that we are all connected, and it doesn’t matter the country we are coming from or language we are speaking, we can always find the way to communicate and understand each other, so I am doing it with a lot of joy! 

What about perfection? What about to be good in your expression? I speak few foreign languages and some time, depends of language, I am making mistakes ;). Should I stop to talk and train for Excellence?  I’d asked this to myself many years ago, and I’ve decided to learn in progress.  

Something curious happened to me few days ago. I was chatting with my older sister, who is the professor of Russian literature and Russian language, teaching these for more than 25 years and who has the highest degree as Professor in my country. Her level of Excellence in studies was achieved by years of hard work. As a child I was admiring this Excellence and because of that I’ve got private lesson from her; very often my essays were corrected in red by her. 

So, recently she has send me something interesting and funny, I was so excited about that and replied straight away with full expression of my reaction! Two minutes later I’ve got my “red copy” back with notice: Don’t put a Shame on me! Such a mistake in this word!!

Guess what? I took my phone and replied immediately: “I’ve make it because this is how I want to express it! This is how I like more “

The communication is the most powerful human connection, it is not about something verbal, it is about the energy! Dare to express yourself the way you are, be a natural connector of energy and express it by many ways – excellence doesn’t exist as you can always do better!! *


Give a wink to your week! Enjoy your ride,


*This text was not corrected, naturally ;)