And the Winner IS ...


I’ve recently received a short message from my friend - “You are the WINNER”. And I answered with no back thoughts - “Yes, I am”.

Yes, I really consider it as truth, and reality and live as it is! I am happy and grateful for life I have and, frankly speaking, I always get what I want. Let me explain you a tiny difference between “want” and “want” 😊😉 You can “want” something, never do something for it or don’t be really determined about and be sad that it doesn’t happen for you – it is, some kind, “want” by force. Or you can “want” by taking winning position, and go for, making from this idea your priority and reality, play hard. That’s doesn’t mean suffer by the way 😉 – that’s mean you deserve to WIN – it is your focus, your reality, your motivation to move forward to embrace all opportunities bringing you closer to your goal.

 “Why I didn’t get this or that? Why I didn’t achieve this result? Why I didn’t succeed?” Ah, you are ready to give up so quickly – did you really deserve your wish? No disappointment possible when you are moving forward to your success – the time is just an illusion – you create your own reality. So, what you will do now? You didn’t get your “result” on time and ready to let it go? This is how you value yourself?! The winner never quit and will not cry because of time as the winner has the goal as priority and focus on it – details doesn’t count. 


“You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win” (Zin Ziglar).


 “AND THE WINNER IS…”   Yes, I am .. And guess what?! YES, YOU ARE!!


Giving wink to your week,

Aline Banon

Leadership expert