"No! Try not! DO or Do not! There is no Try !"


Love to start my day with reading or studying some articles - suddenly this quote attracted my eye: “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try!!” Wait a minute! I can’t agree with that – I can say “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to DO!”

Two short verbs – such a big difference! Whatever you decide is! How you would program your next step considering it?!

To TRY is to make an attempt or effort to do something. Not sure to success but will try … never know, may be … By “trying” you don’t programme yourself for positive result.  As usually we can find this world in typical sentences like “Keep trying and you’ll find a job eventually. If I don't get into the academy this, I’ll try again next year …I'm trying my best, but I just can't do it” – that’s definition of TRY. Some kind of “relax, if it is not now so one day may be” 😉 

To DO is completely different – decision was made, action starts now! To Do is about go for, accomplish, act, move, perform, execute, succeed — do in an entire sentence. Just DO it – no alternatives!

Let’s DO it! Time is so precious, the moment you are living right now reading this “wink message” is unique, will never come back again… Don’t start your action by trying as you give yourself permission of failing and by consequence wasting time. Start by clear intention to DO, whatever it takes!


Giving wink to your week,


Aline Banon