The Leader in You!

People often asks me: “How I can attract leaders to my business?” Or people says : “If this or that person join my team then my business will be successful! “

Well, let me answer to this question giving you extremely positive news, clap the hands, congratulations, we have a winner right now, and, your leader is YOU!

That’s absolutely wrong to think that something different or more successful will happen because of someone else!  You have all capacity and energy inside of you to develop your success. More than, working on yourselves, making progress, you will see how people with same intentions starts to appear around you. If you have big vision and able to share about it with passion, clarity, integrity, and enthusiasm people will join you because they want to follow this vision and idea!

 Zig Ziglar said, “You don’t have to be great to start! You have to start to become great” That’s true!  The more yours develop your skills as a leader more you will see people with leadership skills joining you!  Your vibes attract your tribes! Think about it and take correct position when you talk about business opportunity!

Lead the way!  It is not enough to show to the people what are you doing – you should help them to do it by themselves. As a leader your goal is to communicate to your team the big vision, the big picture, and give them the right tools to show them how they can continue share the message! 

Be a confident professional! Focus on being the best you can be - and your team will follow and duplicate your inspiring example!

Give a wink to your week,

Aline Banon

Aline Banon