CEO of my life!

Self-organization and leadership

I enjoy the unique life opportunity to develop my own business! I have total freedom and choice to work WHEN I want, WHERE I want and with WHO I want! I take this freedom as a wonderful gift but I can enjoy it only if I train the capacity of self-organization.

I am living in very beautiful place of Cote d’Azur , front of the Mediterranean sea, the weather is almost great and sunny. People are very relaxed and spend a lot of time on the beach. 

I remember one day in the summer I was calling some friends  to discuss about business opportunity, it was on Sunday and  people were saying me: “ I can’t come today, I am on the beach”! Then , Alain , my husband said me : "Someone may be on the beach today because of Sunday and sunny weather, but if you continue to do what are your doing now, you can be on the beach any day of your life!"

Think about! Your freedom is in your hands! I always say to myself: Today I will do what the others won’t so tomorrow I can do what the others can’t! Make “an extra” to receive “an extra”! Wake up one hour earlier and you will be amazed be numbers of tasks you can accomplish! Be ready , dress up, make up early in the morning and you will see how instantly you turn the energy and even you have no appointment, or call trust me, it will suddenly appear! Be professional and self-organized! Your intention to do more will make all difference in your business!

Be ready to give and you will receive!


Let me ask you: If it’s not now, when? What are you waiting for to take the lead for your future, your life, your freedom, happiness? Take a decision, make one step forward and lead your life inspiring people to happy, healthy, and wealthy life!

 Give a wink to your week ;) 

Aline Banon

Aline Banon