I am a Russian native, living in France, Cote d'Azur for over 15 years.

It all started many years ago, when I was 14 years old and lived in the capital of Russia – Moscow. I was a very thoughtful child, and one day I had a sudden inspiration: what if the world was much bigger than I had imagined? This feeling was so vivid and exciting, that I realized that is was time to find this out for myself!

The first step was to start learning foreign languages: what could be better than to communicate with people from all over the world? The next step was an invitation from a friend of mine to join a team of committed young people, who wanted to build a leadership movement in Russia. After 2 years I became President of the Leadership Association – but I longed for something more than that. It was about my life purpose and about my active position in society!

At that time I was thinking a lot about how leadership is created, and why it is so hard sometimes to find the leader in you. I strongly believe, that everyone has a leader inside of them, but there are external and inner factors, which can impede you from showing the world what a leader you are. What do we need to do, if we want to break through the wall of factors that are in our way? What kind of magic is it that can help everyone? Could I become the leader to help people reveal their true potential?

The day I realized that my life purpose was to support people to connect with their own life purpose, to go for it, to step out of their comfort zone, to not simply expect change - but to become the real change they wanted to see. This day was the true starting point for me!

John Maxwell said: “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”.  I started to travel all around the world, sharing the idea of self-leadership through a powerful business opportunity creating an international network and I became a top achiever and a top earner supporting thousands of people to create a successful business with Network Marketing.  

 I worked with internationally well-known people in Russia, Europe, Eastern Europe, USA, such as prof. Evgeny Velikhov, a famous scientist and activist, prof. Georges Haddad, President of the University of Sorbonne, Linda Proctor, a successful business owner, international coach and mentor, Bob Proctor, a Master in the Law of Attraction, Sandy Gallagher, CEO of the PGI Institute as well world-famous speakers, actors, singers and producers.

 I am now living in France, the USA and Russia and travelling all over the world, sharing the idea of self-leadership through the movement I’ve initiated “Follow me in Leadership”, showing people the way to live happy, healthy and fulfilled lives and becoming completely free and independent. I’ve held hundreds of conferences encouraging people to take active position, to stand up and choose to make a committed decision to go for the life they want to live!

Let me ask you: If not now, then when?

What are you waiting for to take the lead in your life, for your future freedom and happiness? Make a decision, take one step forward and lead a life of inspiring people to happy, healthy, and wealthy!